Rfid chip to start a vehicle

Hey all.
I’m a rookie. I want to do an rfid implant in order to start my SUV (jeep compass) It’s a keyless start using the fob which is a passive RFID chip. I don’t really know the steps to take. I would have to find out how to decrypt the fob right? and then impant the RFID and program it?
I may completely off in my understanding.

Active key fobs cant be cloned to an implant.
(Tesla key cards can be converted to an implant but that’s not what car you have…)

The typical thing to do is to connect a factory fob to some electronics and a reader that will read one of the implants DT sells.

Check out my project. (there are others, use the search)

It looks like the Jeep Compass might use a Megamos 48.

I am not aware of compatibility for those but you might read this thread…

Just to further point you in the right direction


Have a read through the relevant ones, they should give you a better idea of your best approach and what has been done that may save you reinventingthe wheel…come back with any questions…