RFID diagnostic card -low frequency not working

My RFID D Card is functioning with high frequency NFC but not with low. Am I doing something wrong or is it busted?

This is likely a coupling issue. The giant coil on the RDC has a hard time picking up the girls from the XAC because the field shape is all wrong for a card or flat spiral antenna.

Okay cool, I have a kbr1 on the way, it should work for that right?

You might try rubbing the card all around and underneath. I was able to get the RDC to flash on the LF side from some angle.

Ya that antennae couples well with the RDC.

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Just to clarify, the KBR1 operates at HF

Yes and I have a 125 khz reader on the way as well

Pretty sure that will end you up in jail.


You try that with an Irish girl, pretty sure you’ll end up dead. :wink:

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