RFID Diagnostic Card?

Currently in the research phase of getting my first implant. Im super excited to get involved in this space, but I hate surprises and want everything to go as smoothly as possible.

So far, I’ve ordered a PM3 Easy. My primary goal is to use the chip for office access which currently uses HID cards and readers.

I was browsing the forum as I have been for the past couple of weeks when I noticed someone mention the RFID Diagnostic card. I’m still getting familiar with how chips work and everything, but I’m planning on getting the NExT. If I understand everything correctly, the card isn’t really necessary in my case right?

In all honesty I’ll probably buy it anyway because it looks cool, im moreso just curious to see if I’m understanding the info I’ve read so far correctly.

No need buddy, the Diagnostic Card :card_diagnostic_dt: will be included with your NExT order.

How did you find that out? Printed on it?

Have you tried scanning it with TagInfo?

HID do both HF :freq_hf_13_56mhz: and LF :freq_lf_125khz: systems.

It will be better for you if it is LF; meaning a Proxmark and NExT SHOULD have you in and out of your workplace with a swipe of your hand.

if it is HF it will be iCLASS, and this will be a little more difficult…

Let’s wait and see what you get after a scan of you card with TagInfo :logo_nxp_taginfo:

A new resource! Yay! Drumroll please…

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Well. For whatever reason I can’t seem to scan my card with the app. I tried with both a Samsung s10 and a friend’s Samsung s21+ (without cases). I use my phone for contact less payments daily, and use my keycard to enter my building daily, so I know nothings wrong with their ability to scan/send signal.

Is this some sort of indicator of whether my card HF, LF, or some other indicator? Or is there something I’m missing…

Regardless, my PM3 is arriving Monday. So if there’s some sort of issu, I at the very least should know by then.

Yes, So that is potentially good news, There is a good chance that you access system is using LF which will means it is likely going to be compatible with your NExT and the PM3 will be able to copy your card and write to your NExT

So YAY :wink: