RFID fob encrypted?

I am new to the RFID world and was curious if my fob is encrypted. It’s a schlage grey fob 9691T with a long code on the back c26a13122773-038167

I’d love to get an implant in its place

Schlage you say…it is likely a Low Frequency lock.

do you know the model?
is it on this list?

just incase it is High Frequency can you use TagInfo and scan your fob?

I dont think it will read, but just incase…

Schlage 9691T MIFARE and Prox Multi-Technology Key Fobs, formerly aptiQ 9691T, feature both standard 125 kHz proximity and 13.56MHz iClass 13.56 MHz frequency that utilizes high security encrypted data which is mutually authenticated in communication between the card and reader.

So you will probably have to see exactly which protocols are being used and you MIGHT be able to replace it with an implant or two.

@Pilgrimsmaster it is a multi technology fob, so it is going to depend on exactly which technologies are used by the devices he uses it with.

That page I linked lists a lot of the possible formats. Time for a Proxmark3 Easy and possibly a diagnostic card to check what the individual locks are using.

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Ok so if I buy the Proxmark3 you guys can help me thru the process? Basically, that device will allow us to to analyze the protocols of the reader which will then determine if its compatible with implant specs?

If you were to acquire a proxmark Id be more than happy to walk you through the process to identify the card’s technologies and advise on implants that may be able to be used to clone/emulate it.

Before you get a proxmark, it is recommended to try and read the card with your phone using an app called NXP Tag Info (on Android) or an alternative Apple app. The results from this scan will let us know what card tech is being used before any more complex/involved investigation can happen.

In addition to the card, the reader is also rather important. If you could take an image or find it exactly online this will also help with determining what implant would be most appropriate. If you do happen to get a proxmark, we can do some additional investigation into the reader and determine how it communicates with the card and comment on the communication the two are having. All of this will help answer any questions or queries you have.


Here are the two readers - there may be a third, ill keep my eyes open. What do you guys think? So I still need the Proxmark? A part of me would rather just by the implant and cross my fingers!

Could you also share a photo of the other side of the Schlage lock please

Personally I think a RFID diagnostic card to see if those are single or multi frequency readers would help.

That unbranded box could be anything.

OK here is the back of the apartment lock/fob. I think this will help!


and you know what might be even more helpful?
A photo from the other side of the door :wink:

What I am trying to find is, the model name so we can look up the specs to find the compatibility with an implant.

With regards to this one

As Zwack said a DT diagnostic card :card_diagnostic_dt: would help as a starting point

Can you please humour me and scan a fob from each lock/readerwith TagInfo

and post the results here

equally, if you can’t get a successful scan, let us know. That will still be helpful

Haha here is the front but I’ll scan the readers with that app in a few. Forgive me I’m stupid dumb with technology :speak_no_evil:

Not at all, I wasn’t clear about what I was trying to achieve

Could you scan the Tags/fobs/cards etc. that you use to operate the readers.
What we are trying to do is, find the equivalent Imant for you

OK. so I scanned both readers and my fob - in the elevator and my front door - with both NFC and NXP.
The elevator and key fob did nothing
The schlage front door (with manual lock) DID OPEN MY APPLE WALLET with both NFC and NXP but did not “show” any data.
1-Does that mean I need a DT diagnostic card next?
The mystery continues.
Also, I work in a hospital (doctor) and Im thinking we can tackle that RFID system next. Id love tto show off my implant to colleagues :see_no_evil:

Again, apologies.
Just to clarify for you.

The TagInfo App, is for Scanning and Identifying the chips in Tags, fobs, cards etc.
(High Frequency only)

The Diagnosic card you would use to identify if your reader is High Frequency or Low Frequency.
DT sell these but with most purchases you will get one of these included.

Anyway, back to your results

That is potentially good news.
To me I would guess that is Low Frequency.
The T5577 chip is a fantastic chip, it is in almost all of the LF implants.

So this is looking like it is HF.
(I have scanned one a while ago, and from memory it was a mifare 1k)

Could you try again following this video

We are getting close to an answer.

That will be awesome when it comes time for install…

So, there are two frequencies used, Low Frequency and your elevator seems to only be that at a guess. The keyfob is supposed to be dual frequency.

Your door lock is High Frequency (but might be dual frequency). NFC is High Frequency.

The diagnostic card has two LEDs, one triggered by High Frequency and one by Low Frequency so you can hold that up to a reader and see which frequencies are supported.

As for the hospital, if you are already using both high and low frequencies then you may need a second implant for that. (To some extent that will depend on how friendly and helpful your security people are).

Doc, If you’re in the FL, St. Pete (or surrounding) area. Could help in person or loan you gear if you wanted to test.

Do you feel comfortable removing the whole Schlage lock from your door?
To get the specific model number etc. You can take it off, snap photos of it all and reinstall it. Won’t hurt programming etc.

IF your hospital credentials and door are the same frequency or use the same type of cards. You could reprogram the apartment door to your work credentials and minimize the number of implants.

On the subject of implants. Are you considering the FLEX or the X series?

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If you’re in Oregon I am willing to help too. In fact there might well be people in your area wherever it is who are willing to help.


I do “lock stuff” and will get info from my supplier tomorrow on this series of electronic Schlage lock. I haven’t seen them in the field before.

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Here is the deadbolt with accompanying literature. Will read further.