Rfid for fueling?

Sorry if someone has already posted something on this before but I recently started working at a chain petrol station and we have a lot of 18 wheelers come through. I was informed during my training that we actually have these high powered RFID readers so that a truck can quite literally just pull up beneath it and start fueling (provided they have one of the RFID stickers)


Idk thought it was pretty interesting


UHF maybe? I think I can see antenna in the second picture

most likely UHF yeah… the reader looks like a massive UHF panel antenna

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The North Texas Tollway Association uses UHF RFID tags (At least I think…) I can grab a backlighted picture of one of the tags if anyone is interested.

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Closely related
@amal do you know anything about the rfid in enhanced drivers licenses?

I’m guessing it’s also uhf because I think I’ve tried to scan it, but also because of use case and reading from a distance being needed

Kinda curious about its payload

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You can read the RFID stuff on passports. My enhanced American drivers license has a chip in it I think, but I can’t read it like I can with a German ID card or a U.S. passport.

Nope haven’t had a chance to get my mitts on one

I have a couple of my old ones…

I wonder if I could melt one free come to think of it

I was thinking about this recently. I can see something that might be an RFID antenna underneath my MN Enhanced ID, but I can’t get a reading from it using the ReadID app on my iPhone like I can a German Aufenthaltstitel or American Passport.

I made a quick mock-up of what the antenna looks like with some sleuthing with a flashlight.

I’m realizing that I modified a photo of a non-enhanced license, but it’s almost exactly the same layout on enhanced cards, minus a few security features.

Pretty sure those are UHF backscatter tech. My Nexus pass also has this. They carry only EPC type unique IDs. Meant to be readable through vehicle, which is why you tend to see those panel antennas on overhanging trusses you drive under well before you get to the border when going into Canada or coming back… then ironically when asked to hold it up at the guard post, you have to contort yourself into a pretzel shape to maybe get a read. Fucking trash.

yeah that’s UHF definitely out of traditional phone capable readability, it’d be nice to know what they’re hosting on it as it’s certainly not passport style EMRTD

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I always assumed it was the same data that’s usually printed on the back of the licenses in sort of a data matrix

Sounds good. So I assume one can’t read it with a Pm3Easy?

Gimme 5 seconds to confirm since I have both handy… but no

youd need specialist uhf gear like a zebra gun to even read it lol

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pretty sure it’s a standard EPC gen2 ID only and everything is on a backend database