RFID implant encrypted

I have a 125khz implant in my hand and I’ve just started a new job I have a key tag from the company but I want to use my implant to open the door I’ve tried to write it but it’s not having it any ideas

That’s not very much to go on in regards to helping you fix this.

  • What writer are you using?
  • What happens when you try to read your implant with the reader/writer?
  • What happens when you try to write to your implant with the reader/writer?

We’re here to help, but we have to know what’s happening before we can do so.

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I’m using a reader I got off the internet Chinese I think it will read the chip and let me write onto other keys but not let me write onto my own implant

Have you taken a look at this FAQ on those cloners yet? It took me ages to be able to write to the LF on my NExT.
It can just be really difficult to line up the antenna properly sometime. It took me I think like a full hour to find the sweet spot for a write.

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I will have a look is it possible tho that it’s encrypted and read only ?

If this is the first time you’re trying to do anything to it, I’d be absolutely stunned if it was. They come default from the website with I think an EM4200 formatted ID, but no password. The tags can’t really be “encrypted” as far as I’m aware, but some cloners (Certain builds of the blue one included) will add a password to it when it writes to the tag, preventing future writes.

Okay so I have a lock on my door that requires my implant to open it so your saying when I added that to the door it added a password to the implant and I need to get it unlocked

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If you mean you added your chip’s ID to the software on the door so it would be accepted, that does absolutely nothing to the implant. Read through the link in my other post. It says that when writing a new id to the Chip using the blue cloner, it may add a password. Your door should have zero impact on the implant.

Also, which implant did you get, there’s a few LF chips using various ISO’s, and that may also be contributing to your issues.

  • EM4102 125kHz

I’m not so good at reading cause I don’t have any clue about this so could you please tell me what I have to do

I’m inclined to suggest doing what the FAQ states as far as disassembling the reader to get it closer to the chip, and then just keep trying. Like i said, it took me Over an hour to get mine to write, but that’s just because I couldn’t see the chip under the skin and the swelling hadn’t gone down all the way yet.

If you really think something’s wrong with it, you could dish out for a Proxmark, buy a LF antenna, learn the commands so you don’t brick your hand/Play around with some tags so you don’t brick yourself, and then use that.

A Proxmark is almost always your best bet, but it gets technical pretty fast.


Do you mean the card you are trying to copy is EM4102? Or that your implant is?

If your implant is EM4102 you won’t be able to clone your work badge to it, but your work still may be able to add it if their system supports EM4102 tags.


Are you absolutely certain that the reader is LF? How did you check? Have you read the fob? How?

If it’s 100% guaranteed LF, and you give up on the blue cloner, the ProxmarkPro is a lot more straightforward than the Proxmark3 - and it has a huge antenna that makes reading/writing a lot more reliable. But, it’s also a good amount of money…

Just saw Compgeek’s post. Good question…


My implant is * EM4102 125kHz and how come I won’t be able to

Because the EM4102 is not writeable, it has its ID programmed from the factory and there isn’t a way to change it. You can see if your work can add it’s ID to their system (like you did with your door), but your chip isn’t capable of being written with the ID of your work key tag.

The implants most of us have for 125kHz are the xEM and NExT, which use the T5577 chip and can be written to. The other common writeable type is the EM4305 which is more limited than the T5577.

Either way, I’m afraid if your work won’t or can’t add the ID your implant was factory programmed with, you’re out of luck or need a different implant.

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Just out of curiosity does your cloner beep when you read your work card?
If so, does it beep 2 or 3 times?
check out Amals old Blue Cloner video before it was No longer reccomended

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