RFID question from a complete newbie

hi people i am a newbie here
i live in the UK
i want to install a programmable RFID chip in my hand so i can make credit-card contact less payments in shops at till
is there a product on here that i could buy that i would be able to program for this purpose
and also what equipment would i need to program the chip
thanks people

Hi there,

Not at the moment… but keep watching :slight_smile:

what about if i wanted to buy a chip on the internet that dose this can you recommend anywhere as i have seen a few people do this and its something that greatly interests me

Nobody has done this in any sort of sustainable way that you can make payments at retail shops. Any demos you’ve seen are one-off or under ‘controlled’ conditions. The reason you cant find a chip like that is because they don’t exist. Yet. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Read this if you haven’t.