RFID somewhat working, NFC not working at all post NExT installation

Today I had a friend install the NExT chip at position 0 (according to the professional guide). Install went well, seems to be placed far away from both close bones, and is also resting right under my skin. The RFID function works about half the time (I have to spend about a minute swiping the back of my hand over a reader) but the NFC part isn’t working at all (attempted to write it using multiple iphones).

Should I just wait a few days for swelling to reduce and see if it improves, or did I install it too deeply?

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Wait about two weeks. It didn’t look or feel like it but you have a lot of swelling now there is a foreign object in your body. That swelling causes interference.

Give it time and reads will improve


Maybe try other phones… with iphone i had some problems with reading, while with an oppo or samsung it worked mutch better.

You will see a tonne of posts on here asking exactly the same question, and receiving the same reply.

You have to wait about two weeks. Do not try writing to the chip as you may stuff something up due to a bad connection as a result of swelling.

Two weeks is the average. One of mine was ok after around eight or nine days. Another took almost three weeks.

Also it is likely to get worse over the next few days as the swelling really kicks in, even if you don’t really notice it.

Patience. It will all be good. You have waited several years at least to become a cyborg. Two more weeks is nothing.

PS. Welcome! It is awesome.


I had the same issue with my xSIID. I got that and the NExT implanted in at the same time (one in each hand). The NExT read right away, and I was so happy! My xSIID I could barely find with my phone or anything else. It took quite a few weeks for them to settle into place, and now I get better reads on my xSIID than I do on my NExT. They will find their positions in your skin and you will be a happy cyborg. I hated being told to be patient, but for reals, that’s all you need.
Try not to play with them with your hands. I had quite a bit of movement and kept fiddling with them, and that did NOT help the healing process. Hehe!

Glad you’re one of us now!



2 Weeks

and Traditions



Thank you for all the help! I’m so excited for these 2 weeks to be over and to show this off. Thank you all for your kind welcome <3

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iPhone NFC capabilities have evolved over the last few versions but as long as you’re using anything past an iphone 9 you should start to get a decent read when the swelling has died down. Apple puts the antenna at the top of the phone so you can often get your best read using the top short edge, no case, perpendicular to the implant.