RFID Toolbox ideas


As a hobby, I like to find small closed minds, and drag them screaming into the light.


You might be the first person to ever get this joke that I didn’t have to prompt for them to think about it, damn. And it goes back to the usenet days.

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I had to look it up. :crazy_face:
Then again, it is on the coast.

Edit, Oooh, looks like I missed the joke.
So… Joke’s on ME!

I currently have a few of these guys losing their minds due to an old router I hid at work that just broadcasts “Huawei 5G” as the ssid and does nothing else. They literally think barcode numbers all add up to 666. The implant is going to be interesting. I’m brainstorming a story about how it was forced on me because I kept losing my badge…


Literally laughing out loud here.

I used to have a Class A Winnebago RV, and when I went to the lake, I’d have my router set up as KBI Surveillance Van #3. (Kansas Bureau of Investigation, this is back when I lived in Kansas)

You’d see three or four cars pull out when I turned it on. Paranoid meth heads are entertaining in their own way.


There is a little micro controller called a esp8266. You can load firmware on / write some code for it to spam out SSIDs. Runs off 3.3v, some have usb cables to power. Used to have one that would broadcast a load of SSIDs that all where slight variations on the target SSID so that it was hard to find the right SSID :stuck_out_tongue: this repo can do that among other things as the name implies…

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I had to look up PDX also, My first guess wad Philidelphia, I thought I should look it up BEFORE I started suggesting Satur9 :ringer_planet:9
Glad I did, I at least know they are on the opposite coasts

Less is more. Show them a copy of one of the news reports on the companies that chipped their workers. Then just drop the “wanted to get it done before it was mandatory”

They’ll make up all the details themselves, tailor fit to whatever freaks 'em out.


Or if you are feeling particularly evil… Do a slow play… Complain about various things that they might associate with a conspiracy, pain, sense of being watched etc… Work up to asking them is they can see/feel a lump where the implant is (if you can make it visible by tensing ect) because you think you are just being parinoid.

Having said that, I don’t know how funny I would find a joke like that after reading the thread of parinoid people :frowning:


my concern was with security of your toolbox more than anything and the reason i wouldn’t recommend using the company swipe card. my current mechanic tool set is valued at $80,000 so I do whatever I can to ensure the safety of it. sure i do lend my coworkers tools but at the same rate it was me that paid for the tools more so than the company did. i can easily say that 95% of the tools i own were bought before i started working at my current employer. not knowing the relationship with you your coworkers and the company I care more for the safety of your tools and toolbox.

It’s cool, I’ve worked there for 16 years. Most guys don’t lock their toolboxes at all. The facility is semi secure, not much to worry about. My most valuable tools are hand made and worthless to anyone else.


I worked at a company for 5 years before being let go in January and we had 3 shifts of people thru the shop all week (Monday to Thursday 6am-4:30pm, Monday to Thursday 4pm-3am was the shift that I work, and Friday-Sunday). in year 3 we had a break in and the company was refusing to make good on the damages and losses to our tools but after a bit of complaining they did but claimed the tools were used and not valued the same for replacement value even though they knew that current prices were much higher than at the time of purchase. before paying us for our losses they had us all sign a waver stating that from that moment forward even though our tools were stored in their facility and needed for our time working there the company or company’s insurance was not responsible for loss due to fire or break in. thankfully my toolbox was only damaged and no tools stolen during the break in, however being that i own a Snap-On toolbox damages to my toolbox was $2400 of which the company only paid $2000.
so whenever i hear of people trying things with their toolboxes i hope its for personal gain and not to benefit the company they work for

I’ve been summoned.

But… Ayy, Yeah I’m also in the PDX Area. Sadly don’t got access to an RFID Cloner. Sorry I couldn’t be of much help.

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Car Power Door Lock Actuator Motor 2 Wire Cable 12V Heavy Duty Universal Fit Actuator from Amazon might be better than an electromagnet. This is a simple push/pull electric motor that can easily move the locking mechanism at the rear of the toolbox.
Its been years since I last played with one of these so I can’t remember if it was double acting or not (power moves it in either direction without changing which wire is powered) so that it would stay unlocked for the day and a simple swipe would lock in back at night.

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In my experience there are two types… one that has a spring that returns the arm when power is removed… these are rare… and the simple type which depends on polarity to determine direction of the arm travel, and it will sit wherever it sits when power is removed or it reaches the end of it’s run.


@WDTSF @Zectogonix

Just stumbled on this year old thread. I am in Oregon and have cloning devices if needed.

I am curious why you said RFID implants are illegal in Oregon as they don’t meet the definition of Dermal Implants.

They seem to be in a grey area to me.

Yeah it’s not the chips it’s the installation process by body piercers that’s in question… they are not explicitly banned or even mentioned but I think Oregon narrowly defines what’s ok for body piercing and anything outside that is not allowed, including chips.

I found a statement from a piercer about it…

The law defines piercings and Dermal Implants as “decorative or ornamental” which rules out “functional” so they feel that implanting a functional device is against the law.

Dermal Implants and Scarification are banned because “there are no protocols for how to do it safely”.

I’ve got an xLED waiting to install, I’d call that decorative and non-functional.

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In which case it is a dermal implant and is prohibited as they have no guidelines for how to safely implant it. :disappointed: