Ring I bought is big

Hi I sent a message through freshdesk but never heard back from anyone. I have the dual frequency ring but unfortunately I guessed wrong on my ring size. I bought a size 10 ring. While it does some what fit on my finger it is still too loose to the point that it easily falls off when washing hands or other activities. I find myself having to take it off too often so I don’t lose it. Unfortunately I forget to put it back on and I tend to lose it that way too. This size mismatch has been more of a problem for me than I’d like. I’m going to end up losing this ring one way or another. I need a size 9 ring that fits more snugly so that I can keep it on more often and not worry about it falling off. Is there anything that can be done?

Maybe wear it on your thumb?

Hi @BrunoVicious sorry if we missed your ticket on freshdesk… Unfortunately we don’t have any size 9 (or anything but 6) left, and we are not planning on getting more of these rings made. We are actually making another type of ring with a magic mifare 1k and t5577 chip inside which should be in stock in a few weeks.

Meanwhile if you are interested in selling your ring, another forum member was looking for a size 10 just today!

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Is there a price difference? Can I exchange this and pay the difference?

Wearing it on my thumb is not an option. Like I said for the price I paid I am afraid that I lose this ring. Besides I bought the NFC wristband. I don’t need the NFC on the ring. The magic mifare sounds like a better option.

Price will prob be similar