RIP my VivoKey Apex Flex

I have no implants yet due to the aforementioned issues. Id love to get a FIDO2/PKI/OTP NFC device in my hand but the more i read about it, the less intriguing it seems to me.

Sounds like you might be interested in the Apex Ring


I get the feeling that even if overnight a “as strong as bone” implant was released, then it would be

“Yea but it can’t run crysis yet, so it would wouldn’t be good enough to be useful”


products and technologies grow and evolve, you need to participate and help with that… or nothing happens

Imagine saying you won’t buy a car until it can fly…

Now imagine everyone saying that, and suddenly nobody can sell cars… so manufacturers stop building… etc… how’s that flying car going to come about?


Yeah, naw… thats not my point.
I am also using a Samsung Fold 4 and yes my inner screen ripped. I am supporting new technologies if they are useable and dont impede my normal way of living but extend it.
An implant that keeps breaking because i didnt watch out while working out is not a technology i would want to use in its current state.

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There are very few apex users that have issues. It mainly depends on where you implant the apex. Certain areas like the knife edge of your hand or a gripping surface undergo a lot of stress in your life. If you implant it somewhere like the back of the hand or somewhere on your forearm there’s very little chance of the Apex breaking. Normally when an implant is impacted while inside the body your flesh will let the implant move freely and take the impact. Every DT product I own has lived a happy life inside my arm because I did the research, understood the risks, and chose proper implant positioning. Also, there’s been a lot of people trying things out on this forum but most DT products have only ever been officially tested in a few places, mainly P0 but, the flex implants have been maybe tested somewhere else but I’m not sure.


But that’s not how the glass x-series work either. The tissue gives way to accommodate the arguably less robust than bone glass capsule. Check out the testing section…


I dont want an implant that i need to think about on a regular basis when i do stuff.

I rarely actively think about my implants. I’ve legitimately forgot that they were in there at times. I once woke up and thought I had some sort of cancer when I felt the bump until I realized that it was my implant.

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Hey @amal I sent you some emails about the same problem I’m having. Apex Flex totally unresponsive. I’d like to get it replaced…

Best to start by replying to your order confirmation email with the issue. That will create a ticket and we can work the problem.

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Thanks Amal - will do

Thanks for all your replies. This makes me again more interested in using the products.

I’m having the same experience. All of a sudden, it’s not readable by my phone or Flipper Zero. Bummer. The trouble is, I have no permanent address and probably can’t even provide a reliable shipping address for a few months.

For reference, mine is implanted above my wrist, on my outer forearm. I have not experienced any undue trauma there.

Best to start by replying to your order confirmation email with the issue. That will create a ticket and we can work the problem.

I sent that in a while ago @amal - did you get it?

Is there anybody I can talk to about this ?

I just reached out on a separate channel to bring it back up again


Hmm for some reason I don’t think so. Sorry can you reply again and I’ll respond asap

Just sent this again…


Might want to edit out the personal info like name and address?


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Or advertising your company lol
Better to dox your company than yourself in this instance.