Safety Advisory - flex devices in sterilization pouches

Jokes on you if @Azflyer is on board lol

Not really: I genuinely don’t mind trying it, but not alone, because it won’t mean anything statistically. Not that a population of two means much either mind you.

What would be interesting is if all the known Flex owners who got their implants in the suspicious baggy recently - those who have had problems as well as those who haven’t - did the double-blind test: then you’d have interesting data to look at.

Matter of fact Amal, do you know of any non-flexNExT implantee who got a rash too? I was under the impression that the common denominator was the flexNExT, not really the packaging. Maybe a tolerance to size issue.

What comes to my mind now is that my bodmod-artist was a bit surprised that the implant itself was a little sticky to the touch - so the layer of adhesive was there, I guess…
Now I know I’m not allergic to implanted soy - yay! :smile:

@Coma image

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It’s just waiting

…biding it’s time

Waiting to pounce


Y’all not calming me down, you know? :stuck_out_tongue:
But I guess I’ll be fine, if it didn’t attack me until now, I hope it won’t do at all :wink:

I had one of those 2 months ago and I didn’t have a rash.
But I do like that it’s heat sealed now.
My installer told me a german product would need a 10mm heat seal with a date and/or an ID.

yeah, mine smiled a bit about different standards, too :wink:
But he is used to working with Americans, so he’s fine with all that - he said it’s not a 100% (plus safety surcharge, the German way) safe job, rather something around the 98% or so, but as long as I was okay with that, he agreed to do the job :wink: Visiting him again next weekend, already sooo excited! :star_struck:


Not that I’m aware of no.

Could it be a combination of both? Larger surface area of potentially contaminated surface triggering a higher likelihood of reaction?

Either way, more of a curiosity than anything else, its a moot point when Amal has stepped up to the plate and is making it right for any still in the wild.

Yeah I think I’d rather not experiment on customers haha… no need to poke anyone.