Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is not able to read implant


I got my implant installed yesterday. Its vivokey 2 and it seems it cannot be readed. I’ll try and wait some time, but could u tell me what is preventing me from reading the implant? I saw a multiple topic saying Z flip 3 is bad for reading nfts is it true?

Fresh implant, there is likely swelling or inflammation, or even fluid buildup, even if you don’t see it

It will negatively effect your read range

It can take a week or 2 to settle out and get the best read range your implant is going to give based on its install depth

That’s all aside from whether or not the phone is good or bad…

Give it some time to heal


Yeah don’t stress too much dude, my partner has The same phone and it reads my chips fine :ok_hand: just gotta wait out the swelling