Scanning and grocery stores

Two questions:

  1. Is it possible to program the rfid chip to go off when passing through the door of a grocery store or any other consumer store. As if you still had a security chip attached to your merchandise?

  2. I ordered a halo scanner (not from Dangerous - you were out of stock) to see if I could scan my chip with that scanner and it doesn’t seem to be working - is it possible that I accidentally programmed the chip to not be found by a scanner?

1: the RFID tags used for loss prevention are different than the implants sold. They are not compatible.

2: what chip do you have?

Well - I don’t know which chip it is. I wouldn’t normally say this in an open forum, but there doesn’t seem to be any other way to contact the company. My boyfriend (ex) wanted us both to install one. I didn’t really want to. Then one night both got very intoxicated and he said let’s do it. Honestly I was so intoxicated that I’m not sure if he did or didn’t. I did have an entry wound that looks similar to what is posted on the site. But it’s in my inner,upper thigh. I have read much of the info on the site and realize there doesn’t seem to be anything mischevious he can do with it that would affect me. No tracking etc… but I just want the damn thing out and / or to tell if there’s even one in there! Maybe there’s nothing there. Is there any device I can use to tell me for sure whether there’s a chip in me or not? There are a lot of veins and tendons in that area so I’m not sure if I’m feeling something or not. We had a nasty breakup shortly after so I can’t even ask him and get an honest answer. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Get an xray.

Ok, so you had the chips with you then? Or he did? Where they our chips, or did he go down to the vet office and get a couple pet chips meant for dogs and cats? Honestly, I’m just not understanding how in the world this would even happen… I mean, upper thigh? Who would ever think to put one there? What would the purpose be? It would be absolutely pointless to put one there.

Anyway, yes, any doctor would be able to confirm (with x-ray) and remove. Just go in and tell them you think there is a “foreign body” in your leg and you want to have it removed. They do that kind of stuff all the time.

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