SCUBA & POSSUM with recently installed Apex Flex?


I recently had a Vivokey Apex installed on my left arm, which is on the fourth-day of healing. I plan to do multiple PADI courses(SCUBA/Open Water diving and stuff) and this upcoming fall I plan to do an intensive astronautics course through POSSUM. How long should I want to start SCUBA and other water-based training and will I be good to do flight/astronautics related training this fall?


Until the wound is closed enough so that bacteria can’t get in.

So probably a few weeks after the stitches are removed? Assuming that the installer choose to use stitches, there are other options and the included needle might not require them at all.

My advice would be to ask your installer.

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My installer did the scalpel procedure and butterfly closure.

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You will be fine for both of those things.

~SCUBA diver and student pilot