Searching for ideas to meet minimun password requirements with UID

Hey all. So the company I work for just changed their password policy to require 20 characters. I would like to use either my xSIID or NExT implant to login using a KBR1. The issue is that the UID’s are only 14 characters. Has anyone found a workaround for a similar issue? Like maybe a script that recognizes the UID and adds 6+ characters to it or replaces it entirely with a different 20+ character string? Our computers are running windows 10 enterprise

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Why not both?
Or 1 twice?

Have you read this?

and this

or this

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I can highly recommend Rohos



I’d have no problem using both. That would actually be kind of cool, like a pair of nuclear launch keys. The two issues with that are, 1; The KBR sends an ‘enter’ key after inputting the chip’s UID which makes windows attempt to login and then fail, erasing the characters so you can try again. 2; My company’s security policy requires a special character and a capital letter, neither of which are in a chip’s UID.

I had not, but I have now. Rohos seems like a great tool that I will definitely use for other purposes, but my company’s security policy doesn’t even allow you to update programs on your computer without getting IT involved. Much less install an application that doesn’t come from their approved portal

Good point sir

Some people Prefix /Suffix other words /phrases to supplement and have a required changeable every ⁿmonths

Obviously you are trying to streamline that…

I can get you most of the way there, you’ll just need to find a new reader that does HF and LF

Swipe your NExT for HF then LF or vise versa

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Our previous policy was a forced password change every 3 months. Next month the new policy goes into effect requiring 20 characters but never having to change it again. I’ve been so focused on trying to come up with a workaround that I hadn’t considered just typing a few prefix characters. I think that’s what I’ll do. Thank you for that suggestion

Earlier this morning I actually ordered the HF LF keyboard wedge from Aliexpress that you reviewed here. So I’ll try that method when it comes in


Perfect, That’s what I was going to suggest, as it does not do the auto enter like the KBR1, which is a good thing when you want it, and a bad thing when you don’t.

I can swipe my xMagic from left to right ( or right to left ) and it will add my HF then LF, I then have 20 numbers and can press enter, or add a Capital letter and special character, My NExT will do 19 numbers and same deal.
Anyway, you get the idea, and I think you’ll be happy with the reader.
Make sure you do the little mod I suggested to make delineation between your HF and LF easier.

Keep us upto date as to how it goes

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