Self-Implant too close to bone

I did what you weren’t supposed to do and implanted an xNT myself about 13 hours ago. Looking back, I went in way too crooked instead of parallel (probably because I used my teeth because I only had one hand to do this all with). I know its way too close to the bone, what should I do? This is what it looks like:

The straight line is my index finger bone and the slanted one is the orientation and position of the implant.

That’s kinda where my first xNT ended up after my first self-install too, last December.

I’m not a doctor or a medic or whatever so this isn’t medical advice but… if it’s not actually against the bone, it’s probably not a big deal?

If you wanted to, you could probably try and push it backwards towards the hole, to move it further back from the bone.

The biggest issue I’ve had with it being in that area, is mine has migrated deeper so it’s not laying flat under the skin. It kinda angles downwards deeper into that joint, so it can only be read if I make a fist and kinda push at it with my index-finger against the palm of my hand.

Good luck.

Hmm if you can massage it down, very slowly over a period of about 60mins, and then apply some kind of medical tape to keep it in position for a few weeks, it may be ok. Mine actually started where it is now, migrated to where yours currently is after a week and I had to do the above to get it to stay.

Pic is with me straining my hand to show where things are. I’m skinny so it’s rrally nice and easy to see lol. It looks close to the bone but I’ve got over 1cm between bone - implant and I have had no issues with discomfort or migration since taping down it for a few weeks.