Self Implanted cyborg kit, now what?

I self implanted my cyborg kit and have had a lot of fun with my NFC chip, from Rick rolling my Cybersecurity program director to showing off my schools homepage to people in public. Unfortunately I haven’t had much I could do with my RFID side, but, I just got a proxmark3 off our favorite site. I am pretty tapped for fun money now and looking for ideas of what I can do with both of these, or just the RFID tag… I’m sure I’ll find plenty to do with the proxmark ;).


If you have nfc on board, look at my popl thread

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The Low Frequency ( LF ) 125kHz , has a great number of projects available to you.
A good place to start is grabbing an xAC

Anything you would like to open / close, lock / unlock this is a good option for you to start dabbling.


@Pilgrimsmaster was faster and gave you the links I thought of already!

Another fun project could be to create your own access control script/executable for your laptop/phone!

(“anyone” got a link for a forum thread about this already?) :stuck_out_tongue: