Self installation?

I’ve been searching for the past few months for a body piercing professional to install my xnt for me and since that has turned up nothing my only other option is to do it myself, for those who have done this by themselves what tips can you offer me. things like how to determine how deep you need to go with it and stuff like that would be much appreciated. I know it’s not reccomended to do it on yourself but I’ve got no other options.

Thanks for your time, Nate

Hey mate,
I’m not sure if you have had much of a search around the forum, check out this Wiki, and particularly the HOW DO I GET IT IMPLANTED section to answer your question.
It doesn’t directly answer your depth question, but really it is done by feel, the tenting technique will give you a good idea of what is going on under the skin.

I would definitely recommend you get somebody to help you out if possible; it is doable on your own, but much easier with an extra set of hands.