Sensation and function of xg3?

I know its early and all, but its my first magnet and i seem to be seeing conflicting info. I got an xg3 v2 yesterday in p0, and I scared myself getting too close to my shower speaker afterwards, felt super weird. Ran around work tonight getting close to all the things, weirdly enough nothing on the 3 microwaves i tried today but big wall adapters make it tingle like crazy. Onto the issue im having if you can call it that.

It doesnt seem to have any strength at all. I literally cannot find it running a paperclip up and down my hand, it cant even attempt to lift one. Its definitely in there obviously, and it can be seen on the magnetic field thing that came with it, but it is less obvious than some of the ones ive seen around here.

So i seem to be backwards from most of what im seeing, do you think itll ever be able to lift anything? Is it just swelling? Too deep? Something else?

There are many people here far more knowledgeable about the strength of magnet fields than me, but distance is the biggest killer to lifting performance. Even a little distance makes a big difference.

The swelling from the install is definitely hindering you right now. How deep the install is will have some affect on your lifting performance. Give it some more time for the swelling to go down.

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You’re being more sensitive because you’ve just been stabbed. The inflammation must be making it much more sensitive, over time it will settle down. In fact you should avoid stimulating it for a couple weeks to let it heal otherwise you could slow down the healing and possibly cause rejection :warning:

You’re not able to lift stuff for the exact same reason. After installation a big layer of swollen tissue and blood will be covering it. With magnets distance is extremely important (cube law) and even a couple mm more between it and the surface will drastically change its strength.

So just be patient :wink:



More likely it will just never encapsulate so it will have a migration problem. Rejection comes from infection, and while it could be possible to keep the incision open and invite infection, chances are that overuse in the first weeks will simply affect encapsulation while the incision heals normally.

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Maybe I’m wrong but I feel like I’ve seen subdermals be rejected without any visible infection. The skin doesn’t get innervated and slowly thins out until the implant re-surfaces. Not sure if that’s from being too shallow or not letting it heal or both.

That can happen when there is not enough depth and the tissue effectively necrotises because not enough blood flows through the skin tissue “above” he implant (the tissue between open air and the implant).

Another potential cause is tension (pressure) from an implant, particularly one that the healing process has created a zipper effect and is pushing the implant back toward the incision or the surface of the skin, again creating necrosis… but really this is also a depth issue from a different angle.

So I guess technically you’re correct… if you fuck with your implant so bad it pushes itself out by killing the tissue on its way out… then yeah :slight_smile: but unlikely a well placed implant would ever do that even with a lot of messing around.

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I find the sides of microwaves to be the most tingly.

Most likely just swollen. But I have found that p0 is a bit meaty for some implants to give you the full effect. At least in my fat hands it is.

As for migration - my blue xSIID got “lost” in p0 and I ended up doing some aggressive finagling to move it into the gap between my ring and middle finger p2

Now I have nothing in my 0’s and I’m happy about it.

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I had to re-read that and double check the implant map… Wow, did you post a story about that?

Nope - I keep that a secret because it’s incredibly reckless careless and downright ridiculous.

As stated, I make a way better cautionary example than a pioneering smarty pants