Sensing magnets and backs of fingers

Sensing magnets and the back of fingers is the question

I don’t think I want it on the inner portion of my finger for concern of gun stuff I do and not wanting to stick to things inadvertently

I think I want a sensing magnet now… probably xg3 maybe v2 or moving my v1 from my arm

Curious about a location something like this

I’m not gonna be much help with that location, but IF I was going to use an xG3, then I’d think about putting it here, where the red rectangle is.

There’s a natural hollow there between the bones, but behind the knuckles. It’s about as protected as you’re gonna get.

Of course if you’re aiming for sensing only, then you may wanna wait for round 2 of the Titan run. It should be a much much more sensitve sensing magnet.

No dice for that location already have several x series in my knuckles and Amal and others have said you should leave several inches between magnets and x series lest they migrate