Sent the incorrect Number of Implants?


Hope this is the right area to post this as I could not see a traditional customer support email.

My order was for 3 xLED.

The shippingbox that arrived only seemed to contain one black product box.

I don’t want to open the plastic bag until I meet the implanter.

Can someone sanity check that they don’t ship out more than one in a single product box.

Shipped as per the photo.

Probably a good chance what you have ordered is in there.
If not, DT customer Service is second to none.
Contact form on their webpage

Thank you friend. I’ll try that route

Hi Lastnightuk,

I just reviewed this, and we sent the two (2) additional ones in a separate package via DHL; the reason for the two being placed in a separate shipment was that it was not noticed until the order was closed that the order was for 3 vs 1.

Unfortunately, the package is stuck in customs since the waybill indicated 2, and the packing list indicated 3 and it is now on its way back to us; they likely chose to audit this package since it was going to the same person, (you) who happened to be listed as receiving another package the day before. Your post solved this puzzle. I’m very sorry this happened.

I will send the additional 2 under a separate Waybill in the morning and modify the packing list so that it is apparent that 1 was shipped previously, and that you are owed two more.


Please accept my apologies


I will PM you the new Waybill number via DHL :confused:

That’s great.
Fantastic service

Already got an xNT and will consider a magnet after this great support.


Actually an additional comment, my speculation was just that since we sent your original USPS, my apologies. Customs’ often reviews our packages, it’s just a fact of life for us.

You will receive a waybill from DHL shortly on your remaining 2 xLED implants.

My best,