Shave arm for X series implant?

Hello all, I’ve been lurking for a while and decided to join the cyborg club. I ordered the xSIID bundle and want to put the xSIID in my forearm and the xEM in my hand. My arms are have an average amount of hair for a guy. Should I shave the sight where I wanna inject the chip? Does arm hair get in the way? Sorry for the dumb question.

It isn’t clear if you are pursuing a self or professional install

I’d recommend professional, there are a lot of simple reasons why self install is problematic

Hair isn’t an issue unless your install decides to be proactive… it’s mainly just making sure the surrounding area is properly sterile

Yeah I was going to a professional just wanted to be proactive lol. I haven’t made an appointment yet. More of a question out of curiosity.

I shaved my arm, about 5cm (2 inches) around the site prior to the install. I just thought it was more hygenic and meant I didn’t have to suffer the pain of pulling a band-aid off (and pulling out arm hair) later that night!

I don’t think it makes any difference though unless you are especially hairy.

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This is the reply I was looking for. Thank you! I have a had many tattoos and piercings and even a throat hook suspension. tattoo areas always get shaved as the hair gets in the way of the needles. But as far as getting pierced by anything it’s never been a hairy area like my arm lol.

Hair can cause issues if it gets dragged inside the incision with the installation. If you have thick or long arm hair, shaving it is a good move.

Rad thanks! :smiley:

That’s like 90% of a reason to lol

Actually… come to think I might have shaved my hand for my flex install… I just didn’t use a razor is why it didn’t occur to me

I had a freshly sharpened knife and shaved my hair off with it… too so little effort and time I forgot

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Your installer will likley do it for you if you show up bushy