Shifting the placement

So I got my chip in, it’s healed nicely. No swelling or irritation. Feels a bit weird because I’m not used to having something there and I’m hyper aware of stuff.

It only presses on the skin if I hyperextend my thumb, which I need to stop doing. But it happens. All in all it seems solid enough

The placement is a little lower than I’d like though. I feel like it drifted towards my wrist as it healed, probably due to some swelling I had the first day. It’s by about a half an inch or so. That probably doesn’t sound like a lot but I have very small hands. I buy kids gloves. Lol. Think a 10 year old boys hands.

I’m considering using some KT tape to apply pressure to the proximal end of it to try to push it a little further out into a squishier area. If that doesn’t work I think I could pinch the end and work it upwards.

I’m not unhappy enough with it to cut it out unless it starts fucking with something.

Has anyone done this? Does it work? Should I leave it be? Is the resulting irritation more of trouble than a slightly too low placement? Is it still healing and subject to finally settling slightly different in the next few weeks?

Just wanted to snag others experiences and see what my options are.

You will get used to it, over time, you will not even know it is there…

It actually sounds like gobbledygook.


But migration happens, There is nothing wrong with trying to move it back to where it was, and generally, the sooner the better, before your cavity has fully closed.
Tape, pressure, and constant massage are all worth trying.
The corral method is good to keep it in place when you get it to where you want and keep that until it has had a chance to fully heal and find it’s forever home.
Remember though, sometimes implants just want to go where they want to go, and as long as it is not causing you pain, it should not be an issue.

I can think of at least a couple of good things for that…

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You’ll get used to the implant in a few weeks and won’t notice it anymore. It’ll always migrate to the location of least resistance. It’s kinda self correcting.

I just put a xsiid in my girlfriend’s left hand and she is 5foot with tiny hands! I think it’s cool that you can kinda see hers and the LED is really bright, read range is way better. But hers is moving all over the place till it finds a safe space and settles down.

But let the implant settle down for like a month and you’ll probably be happy with it. It sounds like it’s moving into a safe space.

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I think differences in physiology comes into play to,

Some people are able to adjust them, or have issues with migration

Others like myself, once they settle… they are locked in
I couldn’t move one of mine if I wanted… (I’ve tried… they can come out, but won’t shift)

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I’m a little concerned as bad as my connective tissue is, that it’s just gonna dance around. Lol.

We will see. I appreciate the insight that it varies.

Once it’s in a place that you can live with, if you leave it alone it should become encapsulated by tissue and stay in place much better. A general recommendation as well is to take prenatal vitamins for a couple of weeks to help along the process of encapsulation.

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