Shipping Address is NOT What I Used

I received an emailed receipt for order #11287. The shipping address does NOT match what I meticulously input during checkout. Instead, it is using the billing address for both billing and shipping.

This is a huge problem, as I live overseas and will not be returning to the country to which this item looks as though it will shipped, for at least another year or two. I also ordered this with a specific use-case in mind while overseas.

I responded to the email within five minutes of ordering to cancel- but have yet to receive a response.

Please either cancel the order, or contact me for the correct shipping address.

Hi Climbinghigher,

I immediately placed your order on hold when I received your message. Do not worry, we will use the correct address.

I’ve been investigating your issue with the Billing and Shipping Address on your order and they are identical expect for the special instructions of leaving it at the front desk which we included on the actual shipping label.

Please PM me so I can ship your unit to the address you desire.

My best,



I had the same issue, order #11290.

Hi there,

Please private message me as well with your correct shipping address. I believe we may be experiencing a bug. My apologies. We will look into this situation immediately.

My best,


Hi guys… we are checking into this problem with the website, and I have one question about your checkout process. There seems to be a big problem with certain javascript not functioning on the website, and I think what is supposed to happen is when you are starting to fill in your shipping address information, this checkbox is supposed to automatically check itself… but it’s not. Out of curiosity, did either of you manually check this checkbox, or did you leave it unchecked after filling in your shipping address information?


Personally, I think it’s stupid to even have the checkmark… but whatever. Please let me know so we can chalk this up to more javascript failures. A new site is under way now so this is only a temporary problem.


I am not sure, I was on mobile and the box looks even less like a check box and more like a bullet point (its to the left of the text)

It is entirely possible I missed it and assumed filling in the shipping address was enough.

Michelle, thanks for the fast response and for your professional handling of the situation.
Amal, I did not see the Checkbox for shipping to an alternative address. I may not have been as meticulous as I’d believed. (I do occasionally disable JS, for security. Though, do not believe that was the case here.)

My initial thought was that PayPal hijacked the shipping address during checkout. Though, I wasn’t confronted with an option for address selection on their site.

I’m very new to RFID and am sure I will contact you again while trying to clone a Mifare Classic 1k to my new xM1+. I use my keycard 8-12 times each day at work. So, I’m quite thrilled with the prospect of embedding the tech. Thanks for what you do!


That’s ok… it’s supposed to auto-check itself when you start typing an alternate address… I don’t even know why there is a checkbox at all… it seems it could be handled a lot more elegantly… like, if you have an alternative address provided, just use that. anyway, glad it’s worked out. we are updating our site soon so this problem (and all the other annoying issues) should go away very soon.


It just arrived in the mail today. Not bad for overseas shipping to New Zealand. Thanks for that!

I ordered the ACR122U on eBay to read/write and even that isn’t expected to arrive for another month. I’m tempted to rush ahead and implant the chip without the ability to test. Though, that seems risky.

EDIT: Ignore my comment on the 125kHz RFID Field Detector. Looks like it works with multiple frequencies- I only read one side of the double sided card. :slight_smile:

Actually the card is printed on both sides because we sell a 125khz and 13.56mhz version… you can optionally affix the xLED to the applicable side… but each xLED is only a single frequency, so if you bought the xLED-LF then it only works with 125khz readers.

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I tested my Field Detector with the 13.56MHz readers in the office. Works great!

If you need help cloning just hit me up here on Messenger…I struggled getting info here and there…

Ps: I suggest a Proxmark, after hours and hours of searching got one for like 60$, a clone but works like a charm and another guy Andzy bought from same place after, he was pleased…

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Thanks @Dan, I started a new thread. I’d purchased my reader based on another article I found, prior to seeing you state it was only $60 for a proxmark.

@Dan I got a piswords proxmark easy clone as well, and it’s been working great for me.

@cinja Glad to hear that my info was useful :blush::+1:

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