Shipping Sender name?

Hey everybody,

So I ordered my first couple products from the website today and hope to really become part of the community. I already have my first forum question!

What when my products get sent, what is the senders name? Im asking because my mail people are sometimes like to be a**holes and might get paranoid if they see “dangerous things” as the sender lmao.

If anyone could answer my question as soon as possible, It would mean so much!

Thank you for your time,

Hey @HoneyBadger, welcome to the community!

@mdanger is the one who should be able to help you with that, I’ve tagged her, but there is also the orange floaty help button on the DT website where you could request a discreet sender name!

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Thank you very much! I had asked in the notes of my order to have the name changed to make my shipping easier and if the help button is able to help with that then I’m sure my note will suffice and everything should work out. I appreciate it!!

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Don’t take this as a given, but I seem to remember it being DT LLC.

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Hi guys, we always abbreviate our name to avoid headaches among our customers. The shipping company is listed as DT, LLC / VIVOKEY TECHNOLOGIES, INC.