Shooting handguns with x series in hand triangle

Anyone with an x series implant in their strong-hand triangle shoot guns regularly? I shoot at least once a month and I’m worried about an implant right where all the shock from the recoil happens. I doubt the glass will break, but more worried about shock failure or irritation/ soreness.

Other customers have reported no issues with rock climbing, martial arts, and yes shooting weapons… but you may get some soreness if you’re spending hours constantly firing during your monthly sessions … but who has the ammo budget for that? If you do, then maybe switch hands often … give it some rest.

Mom told me I need to clean up the basement. I have a lot of shooting to do. :slight_smile:

I typically only shoot for 1-2 hours. Guess we’ll find out. I’ll report back here…Thanks for the info!

haha awesome. yes let us know!

Any follow up on this? I am getting the chip to access a gun safe actually.

Not yet, I’ve been in a gun free zone call the UK for the past 3 months. I’ll have more info after may 5th

Shot my Springfield XD9 both strong and weak side today (I have an implant in each hand). No issues at all. Didn’t even notice.

Are you using the chip to trigger a smart lock built into the grip of the gun?

I’m not.