Short reading distance on flexM1 gen2?

Today I received my flexM1 implant.

When I was going to test it, I found that the implant had poor reading distance. Do I have a bad card reader or is it something wrong?


Hmm it might be something to do with the reader, but the question is can you read the flexM1 with your phone?

Could also be orientation, the flex needs to lie parallel to the coil.

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Yes, I can.

Have tried VR40S-MF and Aperio E100. It’s better reading distance. Can read at 5-10 mm distance at a specific position.

Sometimes those generic RFID readers from China are quite strange. They’re definitely designed to work with large coil card formats, and kind of eschew anything else. I’ve seen random jumbles of wire acting as the antenna coil inside some of those readers, and sure it works well enough to read a card but even keyfobs have trouble with such crap design.