Show off USING your implant Q&A Thread (for people that dont read the rules)

pilgrim was spot on its a cheap LF keyboard wedge here’s the exact one I got because I cab waiting for a years worth of postage from ali express

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I officially give up on this thread :weary:


Sorry deleting, ill make a new thread.

Meh, the threads already a mess… doesn’t matter at this point

I wish there was a way to have mod powers over just a single thread

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new version of what? looks like the vivokey app.

It’s called flex and it works with an x-series! Now my world has become a very confusing place…


Well you have an Apex coming soon™, so you should have space then

I’m not going to waste any space on my Apex for NDEF. Seems silly considering it’s capabilities. Like using a industrial size laser engraver to write down your shopping list

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Could be worse… You could use “computer to plate” to “print” your typeset shopping list onto a photopolymer plate, etch it, and then use a letterpress to print off a single copy of the shopping list.

(While a total waste of time and money, this sounds like a heck of a fun idea, if I only had a spare $50k for the CTP machine)


I used to etch my own circuit boards back in the day. The photopolymer stuff is my favorite resist but it can be hard to use…

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They are used instead of movable type these days for letter press printing.

I’m really old fashioned and use “foundry type” which is sold by the “sort” and ideally you buy several sorts so that you can typeset a longer document. I tend to buy single sorts as my current press is so small. I can print about a 4" x 6" piece.

Great. Which parts did you need to built that thing

Yeah a Write up would be perfect. Kind of step by step guide ;). Great work.
Additionally, which parts you need and how much it costs.

Which implant you use? It seems to have a pretty good read range

That is a serious contraption my dude.
Does it only unlock the door or does it also hack NASA in the meantime?


Haha maybe I’ll work that in for the next version!


The sensor outside looks great. Do you have any link or info for that?

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Sure! They are especially good for implants, because of the small antenna surface, it’s easy to aim correctly.

Great thanks. I assume you combined it with the xEM access controller.