Show off your blink! xSIID NFC + LED Gallery (+Glow)

Hey everyone! I am wanting to put together a little video for a sale on xSIID we’re planning and I was hoping someone could post a quick 5 second video or so of them scanning their implant with a phone to bring up like a linktree or personal website or linkedin profile?

Sure, I’ll make one real quick. Should have it in a couple of minutes.

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Did 2 takes, one with my personal site, and one with my LinkedIn. Tried to make the blinky nice and visible.


siiiic thx!

The xLED Hf in white fits my power symbol perfectly- I have a wee bulge in my tattoo:)


That is some spectacular placement!


The sizing was very fortuitous.


Just got xSIID installed yesterday. Seems so be working this morning. Just a thread for you guys to post your lights working, and projects you plan to do with them. I got a white xSIID (though I think it’s coming out this red since its going through tissue, which I feel kind of dumb for for not expecting)

I expect it to get whiter over time, it’s probably blood.
I remember having read that white LEDs look shockingly white after some time.

Looks awesome

DO you think we should move this to


Ahhhh awesome. Yeah it did bleed a decent amount so probably that then. Very keen to see how it heals. I partially got it because in my experience white LED’s are usually the brightest

Hmmmm yes. That was the thread I was first looking for but I couldn’t find it. Thanks man


Mad respect on your tattoo cybernetic brother! You just gave me an excellent idea!


Blinky blink in my middle fink.

This one sucked to put in.


Curious where does the chip sit in your finger? Has it moved since implant?

I’m guessing right where that green light is… :laughing:


The light is a good indicator of its location:)
Has not moved since install last Sunday.
You can see the install point on the tip of my finger, it’s about 1/2 inchish past the hole

I suppose I was asking for that.

What I meant was the coil and body of the chip, since I was wondering if it had moved around or not.


A bit late. Turned out all the bleeding cleared a while back but I only got to taking a pic now

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