Small Tampermonkey script to truly ignore users

I’ve only had to use the block feature of a forum once (no, not this forum). And it was because a particular user was trying to infuriate me… He finally got banned as the admin got fed up with his insults.

I’ve taken a more proactive approach to filtering content on the internet over the years.

The problem with the internet is, everybody has a voice even if you don’t like them. In real life, you can tell people you don’t want to talk to off, and if they insist on buzzing around you, you can kick their ass until they stop. On the internet, you have to suffer the fools unless THEY decide to shut their trap.

That ain’t right, I don’t see why I should. So on occasion, I silence them to surround myself only with decent individuals. Life is more pleasant that way.

Anyhow, like I said, it’s an option. Everybody’s free not to use it.

i know im on this blocklist but its hilarious that “blocking everyone who doesnt share your exact opinion” if the definition of an echo chamber


jesus man, for your own sake I hope you arent going around beating the shit out of people you disagree with

Of course not. I’m a peace-loving and peaceful individual :wink:

I was just saying, in real life, people usually take the hint that you don’t want to listen to them because ultimately physical interaction can happen. And you can leave the place with your friends and go someplace else too. Not so on the the intarweb. Hence this script.

Anyway, the script is there for those who’d like to use it.

I know I’m on this blocklist but it’s hilarious that “blocking everyone who doesn’t share your exact opinion” is the definition of an echo chamber
Actually a paraphrase as I fixed the punctuation and typos. This was said by “an angry ball of something”

While that is the definition, I don’t think that @Rosco is blocking people just because they disagree with him. As far as I know I am not blocked and I know we don’t agree on everything.

However, he is blocking some people. I know in real life there are some people that just rub me up the wrong way. While I will argue with them on the technical merits of some things I frequently avoid doing so because it will become personal and neither of us will achieve anything useful. I try and avoid meeting with them entirely.

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Same here - no need to agree on everything just to get along well.
But people who just stir up shit for the sake of it… well, I usually avoid such people as well :wink: