Smaller KBR1 for laptop login?

I’m interested in the KBR1 as a way to get into my computer, but it looks bulky. I use a desktop and a laptop. Desktop looks like a great place to use the KBR1 to log in with (I’d probably mount it underneath my desk), but I am trying to avoid added bulk with my laptop. I once had a USB fingerprint reader that just constantly sat in one of my laptop’s USB ports. I think I ended up stopping because they stopped working after like 6 months of using them.

Is there anything like the KBR1 that is that small, or is the required coil just too big?

I remember seeing some review of a small thumb drive sized reader. I remember they ordered the wrong frequency at first which means there are options. Maybe it was @Eriequiet ? Just for good measure let’s call on @Pilgrimsmaster, he seems to have the whole forum in his brain. I searched for the terms I thought I remembered but haven’t found it yet. I will reply if I do

Edit: There’s also this one but it’s not the one I’m thinking of. (*****) Digital Logic µFR Nano Online NFC reader review

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Was me I never made the review though,

This is where info on it starts

I recommend it, it’s nice and reads well
But he super careful which model you get, they only make like 20 varieties

I just got my gaming laptop, and I’m partially curious if I could pull the guts out and stuff the whole thing under my keyboard deck

@darthdomo I just remembered I was supposed to mail you that other one, and I totally forgot… my bad

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here’s the post with the link to Aliexpress which has both HF and LF options