Smartphone NFC capabilities

Hi all
Recently had my 2nd implant and since been experimenting with different phones. I have a galaxy s9 which seems very poor at reading my chip and most of the time will only read in a specific area and anlgle, most frustrating!! Whereas my onePlus 6 work phone reads it a lot quicker and not so much in a defined area.

All your thoughts would be great, should I be changing my smartphone or practising more !?!?

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Honestly. Once you find the “sweet spot” you can start to do it really easily. Have you got an xLED to play with?

Lol thanks. Ahhhh. Still trying.
I haven’t got an xled as yet I think it would be a wise investment. Is it the 13.56mhz I need?

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Yeah it would be the 13.56 version for the xNT :slight_smile: Let us know how you get on, been thinking of making a sweet spot “megathread” for a bit

Thanks Jamesw, placed an order, will let you know how I get on.

Hey Guv170r,

when exactly did you get the Chip?

It took quite a while for me to be able to read it well; surprisingly long, actually.

In regards to the “Sweet Spot” that @JamesW mentioned:

Most of the time you can simple google where the NFC Antenna of your Phone is installed. I did that for my Xiaomi, after struggling for a while.
And don’t forget that Orientation of the Chip/Antenna can also be a thing :wink:


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Good to hear from you. I got it 12 days ago. Still struggling to scan.

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