Smashed Hand on implant site

Hello all today , well i had a little accident at work were when i was working i slammed my hand extremely hard against a heavy meta server cabinet i am a little concerned that my xEM may have been damaged or the bioglass may have broken is there any suggestions in telling what could be that case here, thanks for the help in advance with a sore hand hope you all have a good rest of the night


Even with blunt force trauma, often times the x-series bio-glass transponders survive this blow due to the quality of the bio glass and generous amount of resin. I know this from experience :slight_smile:

Are you having trouble coupling your tag with a reader you normally use?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Hello, and thank you for the prompt reply i have not yet tested the rfid after this happened as my hand is swollen and puffy thus im not going to be able to get a read, i will try it later on today to see if it is reading properly depending on the swelling

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Hey mate, how did you get on? Was it smashed?

Hello despite the hard impact on the device it still works and reads properly on a hid scanner and nothing seems to be damaged internally with the bio glass

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Ah man that’s great new, thanks for updating, getting into it myself and was interested in seeing how resilient it is, also more confident now i’ve seen DangerousThings own testing on it :slight_smile:

The company has done extensive testing procedures before they are sold I’m in the process off having my vivokey installed