So my bank supports wearables now…

Recently my bank (KBC, Belgium) started to support wearables (rings, bracelets, watch straps etc which you can use to pay with), so that begs the question: can this be implanted? I remember reading a thread on here of someone who got something similar to work.
Would it be possible to extract the electronics of such a wearable, place it inside a biocompatible casing and get it implanted? Does anyone have any experience with this?

Maybe. Laks has some wearables you can link to kbc accounts I think. If so grab a keychain version and I should be able to convert it… maybe. Worth a try.

That sounds promising. Do you have an idea of how this could be done? Just extract the chip (if possible), antennae and all, and somehow jam it inside an implantable vial? Would this hinder its performance?

That’s what we do yeah. Extract the chip and put onto a new antenna, then encapsulate it.


If i were to ask you to do this for me, to which part of the world would i be sending this wearable? What will this cost me?

USA, 200$

I’ve done it with a vimpay and I love it.


Dang the information available on this website is more extensive than i thought. Cheers!

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I have also had a payment conversion done and I can’t recommend DT’s conversion service enough, It works brilliantly and I use it almost daily.

Don’t try and do the extraction yourself, DT will take care of this.

But it is important to pick an easily convertible one.


  • Ring difficult
  • Keyfob “Easy”

I would recommend you find out what options you have available to you, and ask here on the forum as your first option, we should be able to point you in the right direction, then you can confirm the process with Dangerous Things

This page is interesting

Vivokey ( Sister company to Dangerous Things ) has a working relationship with Fidesmo

Yes. Though to be clear we cannot convert a Fidesmo Pay device. It would put our relationship with Fidesmo at risk.


I was thinking about getting a keyring from but they are partnered with Fidesmo Pay. Does this mean you won’t do the conversion on devices from this website?

Unfortunately that’s correct

What would happen if, say hypothetically, someone were to buy a wearable, strip the chip themselves and send you the naked chip? Would you ask the provenance? And even then, would you be able to tell if they told you the truth?

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You have been very helpful. I’ll think things over and, if my measly student income allows it, i will use the DT conversion service.

I could tell yes :slight_smile:

Worth a shot I suppose

Damn… Foiled again.

Most of the KBC related wearables companies mention fidesmo though, is it possible to get a non fidesmo wearable from any of them. You mentioned LAKS, are they not fidesmo connected?