So, you bought an LF keyboard wedge (a guide)

so, ya got yourself a NExT or xEM or something else with the t5577 chip in it. if you also bought one of these doohickeys

(link) (link 2) and now you’re wondering how to get it to spit out your desired 10 digit code because quite rightly it does not spit out the UID, what it is spitting out is the DEZ10 (10 decimal digit translated value) as shown here.
the output from tapping my xEM against my reader will be 1029080987 (just as I wanted).

"oh andy how ever might I do this :heart_eyes: " I hear you say. use this website to convert your 10 NUMBER PASSPHRASE into hexadecimal and then issue this command via your proxmark to write it to your implant
for new proxmark software: lf em 410x clone --id [hex output]
for OLD proxmark software: lf em 410x_clone [hex output]
if the string is uneven, simply place a 0 on you favourite side of the hexadecimal value and run it again. a common error is that of it not being an even number length

hugs and kisses my RFIDemons


gotta love a good writeup—especially one with style. Thanks!

Edit: Can you explain the end-use case? Just curious.


it’s like an LF version of the kbr1, people use their UIDs to replace passwords and such for logging onto things :slight_smile: