So you don't feel like you understand any of this

I’ve heard a coupla people lately mention that they felt like the technical discussion were way past what they were capable of. There ARE some really technical discussions on here, and some of the tech oriented have built some amazing things. I’ve built some cool stuff myself, so I’m gonna let you in on a little secret.

I’m an idiot. An idiot with access to google.

You don’t need to come with a complete understanding of electrical theory. I don’t have it. You just gotta come curious and prepared to learn. The BEST part of this forum is that everyone will chip in to help in any way they can.

Take advantage of it. Read, learn, ask questions. And, when something strikes your fancy project wise, try it. Don’t know how, ask. Ask the forum, ask members specifically, Ask Jeeves if that’ll do it for you. I guarantee people will step up to guide you. You’ll have to work through it, but when you’re done, it won’t be that big of a deal in hindsight. AND you’ll be one of the technical people then too.

Just make sure to pass it along!


I’m glad you posted this, I am technical in terms of hardware but haven’t got a clue to most of the software stuff almost non. I know precisely enough to get myself into trouble.

Please anyone reading this and feeling not technical enough drop a message anyway were here for everyone we will explain in a simpler way if you need it no issues with that!


Yup, I’m electrical with a touch of coding. Arduino level at best.

I can follow the electrical discussions, but sometimes the coding stuff makes me feel like a drooling moron.

That said, and this bears MUCH repeating, I know that if I need to code a little, I could post my project and problem and somebody here would swoop in to guide me in the right direction.


As a person who mainly lurked for a long time for that reason. To the newcomers I just want to tell you this is the most welcoming community of gals and gents you’ll find. Unless you’re being a nonsensical maniac there are no stupid questions.

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There’s nothing wrong with not knowing everything. It’s perfectly normal, and most successful professionals read up and reuse other people’s technical knowledge all the time.

Before the internet, we had books to look stuff up we didn’t know. Now we have the internet, thank god. Whenever I code something, I spend far more time looking up technical information on the internet and reusing other people’s libraries than actually coding original stuff.

My university professor of electricity summed it up best: savants know everything. Clever people know just enough to know where to look for the answer :slight_smile:


without a doubt this place and the discord has expanded my knowledge of hardware 1000 fold. everyone is so nice and always down to help and answer even the dumbest of questions.


“1 year ago I didn’t know what an RFID was, and now I am one!”


Are you my spirit animal?

Been a gunsmith and various levels of armory work… love checking out new guns and gear…
to my credit I haven’t broken anything in a very long time

Most valuable skill I’ve learned, is when to stop
I know just how much force or fiddling I’m comfortable trying to make something work, before reaching for a book or seeking additional information

Mechanical I feel capable,
Electrical, I used to know very well from schooling I received, but not using it for 10 years…well it ain’t all like riding a bike

Serious Coding, and firmware, legitimately give me anxiety
I know arduinos can do some cool stuff… but I see that sea of code, that’s all green… and I’m up a creek


Agreed! I Have learning disabilities that made me drop out of high school.
I hated math and anything with spelling. Now I code and make some pretty funky stuff, people are impressed but really you just gotta get really good at asking the right questions.

The internet makes it so easy to find what you need to do what you love, and you just pick up bits along the way.

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even then, we just send you to the crazies pit and try to calmly explain why you aren’t being tracked.


As a developer, electrical discussions make me feel like a drooling moron

By our powers combined, we are one functional entity


when i got my first implant i didn’t know a single thing about it and now i can say i know some stuff about the whole thing and its amazing and everybody here is helpful and they learned me how to do it and now i hope i can help someone else if i can

the people here even help me getting started with linux i didn’t use it before now i think its better then windows in a lot of place’s