Some custom flex work

Certainly, and clearly more than a truck load.


Same, I kinda like not having blinkies because then it’s kinda stealthy and if someone doesn’t know you already, they have no hints on how the fuck your hand is magic.

Also in most use cases I wouldn’t even see the light…


Could not agree more!!

I mean… I agree that just allowing anyone to do anything will mostly lead to backalley medicine practice, and that’s when you find people injecting fish oil as botox, or motor oil to pump their muscles…

On the other hand, you should have an acknowledged intermediate degree between nobody and surgeon, to allow for other health practitioners to administer at least some sorts of pain management.

That depends a lot. Where I come from, it is (or was? maybe the law changed recently) illegal for anyone who’s not a doctor/nurse/etc to perform a suture as part of any activity where there is payment of any sorts. So if you are suturing someone who paid you to perform an implant, then that is illegal (well… implants also fall under the same category anyway, but you got the Gist of it)

It is. but you gotta have the right mindset for it.
In fact, odds are I’m doing these without pain management (depending on whether I can go abroad or not), but exactly because we already did it a few times that it’s easier for us to manage it.

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And again, you read my mind. :wink:

Going around an eye I have tattooed on my sternum.
I also asked some green glow powder to be added on top of the LEDs…
And planning on a necklace with a battery and an induction coil.

this is exactly the placement intended for that one.

LED will probably add a small bump, thus facing the wrist your wrist bones should shield it from being brushed against by clothes, ant it’s further up on the hand that you also don’t worry about pockets.
That is, assuming the bump is even significant.

Ignoring the fact that blinkies are plain cool… That is the main reason, by miles, that I always want a blinkie on a chip.


A coil corset is such a brilliant Idea!! :heart_eyes:

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I’m not sure if you have seen these threads yet, but FYI if not


uhhhhh… shinyyyyy…

Thanks! gonna savour those with breakfast tomorrow! :wink:


That’s just what I’m thinking - some course or such, where you officially learn the basic of subdermal anaesthetics, maybe one that has to be repeated every 2-5 years, and after that you are officially allowed to inject painkillers. Would make life so much easier for artists all over the world, and kinda eliminate this “legally grey” stuff. I think most artists would happily do that, to be on the safe side and because they in fact already have that knowledge.

This is a strange restriction… it might in the end just lead to people doing slightly dangerous stuff at home. Same with restricting body mods at all - no doctor would ever do things like removing ears, splitting tongues or other fun stuff, so you basically have to go somewhere else. And if this “somewhere else” is no longer legally (or half-legally) possible, where do people go who want that done? This is something politicians never really think about. I have a great artist here, working in the cleanest environment I’ve ever seen, with decades of experience and an emergency telephone number for the aftercare period. If politicians here would decide to shut down his studio (luckily, they won’t^^), I might either have to do dangerous stuff myself or get it done in a less-than-optimal environment. So stupid.

Oooooh, you gotta share pics if you get them in! This sounds really nice :wink:

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In fact, most of the body mod artist I’ve met who focus on those extreme stuff tend to have a much better knowledge than a lot of doctors out there…

That’s the same thing as denying teenagers a decent sex ed just because “teenagers should not be having sex, so teaching them is a bad thing. mimimi”… :nauseated_face:

I sure will!! :smile:

Once I get the pieces here I’ll post on this thread about some testing.
Then probably open another thread for each of the mods.
There isn’t much about step by step healing for T4 flex, and almost nothing online about blinkie-only flex mods…

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Totally - I’ll always prefer a bodmod-artist I trust over any doctor… they are more experienced in “strange stuff”^^ And they usually provide a much nicer setting :wink:

Yeah, never understood this kind of argumentation… I mean, they’ll have sex anyway, so maybe just teach them how to stay healthy while doing so. And feeling good about it, ideally :smiley:

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Not to derail but… this right here. Can’t stress enough how disadvantaged I’ve been throughout life because of this mentality from my parents and teachers. Me not getting a sex education has done nothing good for me. I’m 19 now and still get confused on things.


I mean… I got a half decent Sex Ed I think, and I still think I learned 3x as much on all the types of birds and migration patterns of bees from the google machine

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I didn’t want to say nothing because 19 seems a bit old to be confused, but I’ll say this: I got half decent sex before I got any sex ed :slight_smile:


…Also this

And later I learned about sticking things in crazy

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What do the nail implants go for without another chip? And you say they really require an incision, right?

Maybe there’s a chance I can get them in using a needle instead of an incision.
I’ll investigate.

Without a chip they are purely an aesthetics thing.

These also do have some glow powder inside it, which can be charged by the spectre of light emitted by the light blue LEDs (which is harmless to the skin, unlike UV), so I want to experiment how well that works under the skin.

There’s also plans of making a n induction coil necklace to flick them on, depending on how well does the Glow powder in them behaves… but I can also just use something like a Flipper Zero for discrete charging. :wink:

UV is only harmful in certain wavelengths, and even ones being used for sterilization in newer tech (222nm) is said to not be harmful to humans.

I LOVE the idea of the glow powder, except as I’ve mentioned in the past on various threads, I only really want green ones to accessorize as any proper drone should, and I have no idea how well the green LEDs would really charge that. So I’ll be satisfied with just the LEDs instead.

I’m mostly curious about the cost for them.

LEDs are very particular in how they form the colours and which wavelengths each coloured LED generates. (which might even change based on manufacturer in some cases)

I know @amal did some tests, I’m just failing hard at finding the thread where he posted them. (but sure that @Pilgrimsmaster’s stunning Thread-linking skills will find it in no time! :wink:)
after I gave up on searching, the forum “suggested” it to me. here you go:


For what I recon, Green Glow powder provides you with the strongest glow in these scenarios, and blue/light blue LEDs are the strongers “chargers”.
Keep in mind that depending on how you charge them, you’ll probably not even see the actual LED lights (i.e. if you are keeping your phone on top of the blinkies)

I’ll post photos here, but might be quite some months before I can get those in. Thanks covid. :+1:


Can someone explain NFC nails to me. Are they just tags that stick to your nails? are they implanted? Do you shivers put them in your actual nail bed?

i think they were supposed to stick on nails but then a certain someone put their special sauce on them to make blinkey implants