Some important questions

Hello. Firstly, sorry for my bad english, it’s not my nayive language. I’ve got two very important questions:

  1. Can I use my vivokey implant for unlocking my phone? And how I can do it?
  2. If I install magnet implant near the NExT or vivokey, can it influence for their work?
    Thx for answering

Your English is great :+1:

I will try and give you some answers, but I have a couple to ask you also.

  1. Is your phone Android or iPhone or other
  2. is your Vivokey a Spark, Spark 2 or possibly a Flex One?

In an attempt to answer…

In the phone manufacturing world, there seems to have been some changes in this area which has affected the ability to unlock via NFC and also the protocol that they can read ( at least how well they can be read ) which is why I asked you about Spark (ISO15693) or Spark2 (ISO14443A), people are still struggling to find a solution which you can read up about in this forum, HERE are some search results for you to read through. and also THIS ONE in the Vivokey Forum.
I did, however, find THIS article, It looks promising, BUT

  • It does say NFC wearable, but will be same for any NFC implant, including Sparks
  • I have not tried it myself, so I cant confirm if it works, feel free to try it and let us know the results
  • I don’t know how old / relevant it is

So at the moment, I think the answer is, your Spark ( NFC ) is capable of unlocking your phone, but currently not able to…

Short answer, NO
Longer answer, Have a read through the FAQs, specifically the “MRI testing up to 7T” basically a giant magnet doesn’t affect an implant, so a tiny one will not either.

But remember for safety to place your magnet AT LEAST 5mm away from your spark to prevent the chance of impact collision.

You use the word “near” this is obviously subjective, do you mean next to or just in the same area?
There are different reasons to put implants near other implants, BUT If you don’t “have” to place them “near” each other, that is your better option.
Where is your Vivokey placed? Where are you thinking of placing your magnet?


For unlocking the screen using NFC in Android, I can answer that: it’s a big fat NO. The feature was killed by Google in 2017. See this. For a time, users of rooted Android phones could reenable the feature by changing a few XML files in the system, but that doesn’t work anymore.

You can’t “emulate” this feature either. The basic problem is this: when the screen is in locked state, Android turns off the NFC reader entirely. No user app can exploit NFC in locked state for that reason. That includes Tasker (which now has native NFC support by the way, no need for the NFC plugin anymore) or that silly SmartPassLock NFC app - which isn’t a true locker incidentally, only an easily defeatable screen overlay trick. As soon as the system locks the screen, NFC goes dead and there’s nothing you can do about it.

In short, NFC unlocking can only happen at system level, meaning it’ll only come back at Google’s whim, and that’s not gonna happen because Google does what Google wants regardless of what the users wish. So, unless you use an older Android phone that hasn’t been updated, you’re SOL.

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Thanks to your answer.
I want to implant NExT in standart place between thumb and forefinger in the left hand. And vivokey in the same place in right hand. So, idk, in what place I can implant a magnet.
P. S. Yes, you right. In my first message “near” = “next to”. Sorry

No need to apologise, I just wanted to make sure I gave you accurate information.

I don’t have a magnet myself, but there a a variety of places people install.
Just search this forum for xG3 and you will get a few peoples suggestions, locations, success’ and failures, plus some photos for ideas.
You will just need to find a place that suits you

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