Some open source Java Applet Ideas

I figured with Apex up and coming it’s time to start working on some Java Card Applets. Here’s a nice little intro into some ideas, including authentication/pgp/wallers/Otp/ssh/e-health and what not to get the brain going :slight_smile: enjoy.

Open Source Java Applet

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Do we know any of the specifics of how these applets are loaded/how many a chip can utilize at a time yet?

This is more of a library of ideas, as there’s probably 50+ projects listed.

Oh totally I was just curious if we would be able to run applets at run in tandem with each other to ponder ideas

I have some input here :slight_smile:

We’ve got SSH/otp/PGP covered with OSS applets - they should already be pushed to our VivoKey github publicly as they’re just forks (PGP covers SSH). We’ve even got a PGP manufacturer ID. Coin wallet is on the to-do list.

We haven’t been idle waiting for the Apex, let me tell you. I’ve got a whole suite of applets for launch.


Well then @fraggersparks, the question is what do you need help on specifically? Idle time is the devil’s hands for me and I’ll be having quite a bit of it here :slight_smile:.