Sorry for a stupid question

Sorry maybe this theme was 1000 times discussed, but what implant can i get to make a payment card with it ? Just need some info because ive got a good doctor who is ready to develope this theme in mine country )

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At this point in time it doesn’t exist yet. The Apex will be capable of it one day, but at this time, as to my knowledge, there is not one.

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unfortunetly i need exact visa\mastercard payment (

bad (

I see you have some answers.

There is a custom implant service for payment card’s.

I would recommend searching “payment” it has be discussed alot and you will find tons of info.

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nice, but you know, this is smth i can do myself by printing a little pocket with sg resin (

I know it is used in the medical industry, BUT is it safe to be implanted?
You may potentially open yourself up for infection.

Dangerous Things is an ironic name, everything they do is safe, including using proven techniques and materials.
I would 100% recommend you ask them rather than try your own.

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Like with an SLA printer?

anyway partly chip solution is not solution. SG resins are class 2 materials that can contact with blood. Not sure if its safe for implanting, but pretty sure its close, if it can contact with blood why it cant contact with meat ) Anyway now i get in contact with ours inovative bank and purpose to them to begin working with Vivo. Anyway i can print smth small and implant it to myself, in the worth case i will get some small injury…

yeap exactly, it can be sterilized because it stands high temperatures

we have some expirience in making implants, but they are dental usage, smth like zirkonium and chrome-cobalt cnc and printing, but anyway this theme is quete new in all world, so i hope bank will give a positive answer, want mine country to be forst not only in shit making )

Actually it’s more than that: we were discussing implants with my boss the other day, and he said “You order these things from a company called what?!? Well, if you hurt yourself with em, you can’t say you weren’t warned!”

He’s right: the very name of the company is a great lawsuit deterrent :slight_smile:


Haha, Yep that is smart, I had never thought of it that way.
Although I find the suing culture really bizarre anyway

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This is a converted micro card from Dangerous Things :slight_smile:

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Hey @JennyMcLane,
Do you know if that is an Infineon chip?

I don’t know - I send the micro card to Amal and he converted it to an implant.

Thanks for that.

Maybe Amal can help you, he converted some cards

Digiwell has this on the homepage, maybe this helps

13,56 MHz (Hochfrequenz) 
65279 Bytes
ST Microelectronics
Java Card
ISO 7816-4

Appreciated thanks, do you remember the approximate dimensions 30mm × 15mm?