SpaceX Launches, I become "One of us"

So today SpaceX successfully launched.
I joined the Enhanced Human League. What a great time to be alive.

xLED in L5
NeXT in L0
Spark 2 in LWrist
xSLX in R0

Thank you to all on here who offered words of advice and encouragement - even if you don’t know you did it. The vast knowledge I have gleaned from all of you over the course of this has not gone unappreciated.

There was a protest on the path I would normally take to the location so I drove ~1 hr to get around it - I live in Morrison, CO
The install was by a DT Partner in Denver, CO area, - I do need to ensure DT has the right email address associated with him :smiley: . Patrick was awesome!
It really was not bad, my mind had a gross overestimation of the pain by looks.
-There was a noticeable but bearable difference with the needle insertion for the xLED.

Time to let these heal, soon the day will come where I can implement them in my routine :smiley:

Thank you all again!