Spark 2 Not connecting to VivoKey app

I just received my Spark 2, and i can’t get it to scan with the Vivokey app, when i open the app and it says to scan, the Spark 2’s LED does blink but the app does nothing, ive let it sit for a few minutes while blinking and still nothing. I am using the latest version of the app, i have a Samsung Note 10+ running Android 10 (Model SM-N976V), also tried with a Samsung Galaxy S6 running Android 7 with same issue. Tried TagInfo on both devices with no progress. Any ideas would greatly appreciated, i want to make sure it works before i get it implanted.

The Spark implants do not contain any LED. Are you trying to read the X Field Detector that is included with the kit? That has an LED, and will not be “readable” by any phone, it just lights up to help you figure out how to orient your hand to get a read with the implants. The actual Spark implant is provided in an injector assembly that has been sterilized in a pouch.


oh my gosh, that explains a lot!! i feel so dumb now lol. Ignore my noob-ness as im just getting into this stuff and am super excited for it! My guess that you are right and im just being dumb, thanks for the quick feedback!

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No worries! We’ve all been there. How can you be expected to know everything? I’m just glad you didn’t try and implant the detector.


Fair enough! i’m really excited to get it installed. I have a local piercer that has done a ton of these and having him implant it for me! So no need to worry about me implanting the wrong thing! Also, if you have any more knowledge on the Spark 2, what are some cool things to do with it? I saw it and just thought it was super cool and had to have it

Once you have it implanted and you download the app you’ll see that you can setup a kind of business card/profile page that can be read by any phone. It comes in the format of a URL so more phones can read it and open the page. You can also use it to securely authenticate access to this forum, and others that utilize OpenID Connect. You can also use it like a normal HF implant by programming the UID into whatever system you’re interested in swiping into in order to verify your identify. There’s an app called Tasker which let’s you program tasks into your phone whenever you scan your tag.

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Okay, that sounds amazing, especially the profile! In my line of work it would be nice to have a digital business card to just… tap on a phone and boop heres my info. I love that idea. I also plan to get a second implant in the future, any recommendations on chips for that? I looked a bit into all the different ones and not sure what is a better one for me. My thought was to have one has a useful one and one for like random shenanigans (2nd one will be the shenanigans one)

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I can’t make recommendations, but I recommend you look through the features of each implant and decide what you want. I personally want to get a NExT Implant, because I find it really nice to have 2 implants in one.