Spark2 double reads on Android

Happy Holidays to those that are celebrating them and well wishes to those that arent! :grin:

I keep having an issue using vivokey login to the forum when attempting to log in from any browser on my laptop (when using vivokey login from my phone it works perfectly.) I’m hoping I’ve missed something easy.

Windows 11
Edge browser
Same result with vpn on/off
Android 13
One UI 5.1.1
Z fold 4

Steps to recreate:
Click login from laptop browser
Click “with VivoKey”
Open vivokey app on phone
Scan vivokey (reads once)
Click QR code icon in vivokey app
Scan QR code
Scan vivokey (reads 2-3 times in a row quickly then opens my vivokey profile in my android browser rather than authenticating with vivokey API.)

I have had this work as expected a FEW times but at this point I would estimate a 90%+ failure rate.

Steps taken to remediate:

Uninstall and reinstall app
Clear application defaults
Clear app cache
Tried multiple browsers

At this point I’m stumped why I get the multiple reads from the app which then opens my profile in browser at the last step. Does anyone have any suggestions to remedy this please?

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Hmm yeah that’s … not ideal. The fold is a Samsung yeah? They rewrite the NFC stack for Android to slot in a bunch of changes for Samsung Pay. It’s always acted odd but this is a bummer.

Luckily 2024 will see the introduction of a new set of authentication options and a new Spark Actions app


It is a samsung unfortunately :sob: