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Should I spread the word of vivokey On my city

What are your goals?

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Make other people use vivokey and make vivokey popular

Then sure! Might not be worth the effort until the Apex launches, though. The Spark is cool, but it can’t be integrated into existing services as easily.

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I will wait to spread the word about vivokey in 2022

I mean the more cyborgs the better i guess.

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My goal is to make vivokey popular your idea it’s good

Do you know what vivokey is used for?

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Yes To get an implant Microchip and use the app to link information it makes your life better

So what kind of information would you link?
How would it make your life better?

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Like your wallet your debit card ID passport driver license open doors passcode to unlock stuff

Doesn’t work for that

Doesn’t work for that, there are many issues

Definitely won’t work for that, maybe a bus card

Vivokey in theory could, depending on the device

Unlocking digital stuff
This is pretty much they only thing listed you can use vivokey for just so you know


Thank you for tell me that


Welcome back.

To give you a better understanding of Vivokey, it’s current products and capabilities, have a good look around this website :arrow_down:

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Just want to point out hensler is the last name of the 13year old kid who was muted for spamming @hectorhensler could just be coincidence but…


Oh it’s not (I mean I would bet a lot of money anyways)… I assumed it was him from the jump


I think everybody is aware, but sofar he has come in with a better attitude

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You recon, the kid wanted vivokey etc just seems fishy :thinking: I hoped people would have (not exactly a massive crowed of regulars) just though I would put it in black and white


I can only assume he thought vivokey was the holy grail of implants that we hope it someday will be

Tried to toss some “loving” cold water on those expectations


I learn my lesson OK

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