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I meant to say I learn my lesson



This is the long-term intent. But think about how you come across, especially as a 13 year old, to people when you go all out saying that. People are rightly concerned as it is about government (and private company) data collection, and you’re saying this company is going to do it all at once, as a microchip? Imo, this scares people off.

I want you to think. Hard, about this. Could you be inadvertently damaging the perception of microchip implants, and the VivoKey especially, as a whole?

I’ll be honest, sometimes I want to go off like this and tell people and everything. But, we need to be more measured. We can’t oversell, which you are right now, as nothing we sell currently can do these things (and while Apex is technically capable of all these, it still needs the partnerships to enable it).

You frankly can’t even punctuate your sentences correctly. Yes, biohacking has been, and will be for a long time (to some extent), the realm of “amateurs” and DIY. However, we need to bring implants to a higher standard to gain widespread acceptance. That’s kind of what we aim for with VivoKey, in my opinion. Banks don’t work with people they see as unpredictable, a threat, especially to their security. Neither do governments.

EDIT: Just, please note, I don’t say this in any official capacity. I don’t make those calls, I just write code.


So, you definitely have an interest in this and as some people here have told you, it’s hard to do a lot of this stuff when you’re 13. I do have another idea though! I’ve got tons of stuff you can do now to learn even more so that when you’re 18, you can jump right in! If you’re interested give me a reply!

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I would think about it I will get an implant on November 1 or 2 I will get Spark 2

I will think about I will get the spark 2 implant on my hand I will get it on November 1 or 2 :tada:

Have you spoken with a body mod artist?

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Not yet I am speaking few of piercing people I am researching who can implement The Microchip

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