Stock for the xM1?

I see that there is no more stock for the xM1.
Do you know if it will be available again or if it is no longer produced?

We are continuing to have supply issues finding the bare silicon die required to make these.


Thank you for your answer :+1:

Any chance we might get more in stock eventually?

Things are in process… we are trying to source these grey market chips and get them processed.


The xM1 is a great implant, and there is a hole in the DT market for it.

My guess is, if Amal can find them, he will get them.

This topic does come up relatively frequently, And I always suggest the same thing.
Consider a FlexM1
Although there is a noticeable size difference between the xM1 and FlexM1, the procedure is very similar, the pain is nearly identical.
The performance of the Flex is simply better (thanks physics)
So unless you only want to install in P#0, then you really should consider the flex.

200w (2)

HA, Fuck, Amal just beat me to answer you :point_up:

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