Stupid question and credit cards

but is it impossible to copy an american express card into a (specific) chip to make the hand work as a card (copy of my original card i mean) ?

or anyway there are no alternatives to use AMEX in a subcutaneous chip? I would like this and also do it right away, I honestly DON’T like the walletmor solution.

thanks and sorry if the question sounds stupid, I’m trying to figure out if there is a possibility or not, I’m new and just had 2 DT implants.

Have you checked out

Basically the answer is no… copying is not possible really. Conversion might be… but not copying.

what does conversion mean?

I have a blue American Express and I live in Italy, I don’t think I read compatibility.
I saw that every 4 years it should also be removed :frowning:

payment conversion

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To answer the other question, cloning credit cards is simply not possible.

This may be interest as well:

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