SUCCESS! (After some dumb mistakes)

Short post (even by my standards) but just here to say thank you guys for the awesome help. I’ll get around to uploading installation videos eventually but I was dumb and shot them in 4k so a 20 second video is like a gigabyte


Cyborgs wanting extreme resolution happy
Server storage sad

Yeah. I’ll be downsizing video before posting it, lol. Actually I’m about to get an x-ray (not even to check placement, just feels like a right of passage at this point) so I’ll also be posing that soon


How do you people get xrays? I asked once and was laughed at :smiley:

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Well I’m at quite an advantage since a large chunk of my family are doctors. But your best bet would probably be trying to ask a vet

Edit 1: fixed typo
Edit 2: close up dental x-ray of chip, will be getting full hand x-ray tomorrow then will add to post


I told my doctor I wanted to “check if the implants were placed where I wanted them”, it didn’t take much to convince her. Play the better safe than sorry card, they generally have nothing to loose in giving you one :wink: (That was in France, not sure about elsewhere)

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That X-ray is amazing

@amal just in case, you don’t wanna miss this

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Yeah it’s a dental x-ray so the area that it does at any one time is small. So this weekend I wanna see if I can go and do a few exposures and stitch them together and make a really high quality full hand (don’t worry I’m well below my x-ray quota for the year)

We got backblaze for media storage… upload your best res stuff :slight_smile:

My favorite part of the video is when the hand goes back on the wheel and we see the clear outline of where the bandage was hahah!


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Is it bad that I instantly recognize that as a Nexcare bandage?


They’re such good bandages though. I love them. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it in the install kit since they’re what I often use myself

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Not having any implants I didn’t know they came in the install kit. They are my first choice too.

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