Super dumb mistake i made

Hey everyone i have a quick question because i’m made a very dumb mistake, recently i got a new desfire chip and i wanted to do a self install of it so i got everything ready to go and had the needle held to my hand but then realized there was about a 0% chance that i would actually be able to stick this into my own hand and inject it so i repackaged everything back up as nicely and safely as i could and made an appointment at a place to get it done for me but i want to know if i need to get a new chip or would it be safe and sterile to use the same one even though i had it out of the package, please let me know, thanks so much :slight_smile:

It is no longer sterile after removing the injector assembly from it’s sterile packaging.

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I did something similar and still have the chip inside the injector on my desk. No quite sure what I’m going to do with it yet.
You might be able to find a tattoo/piercer shop with an autoclave. They would be able to sterilize it for you before injection.

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Take it to a professional. They can safely autoclave any x-series chip and install using a piercing needle and a taper.


I will, thank you

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I am not even going to front, during the beginning of the pandemic nowhere was open and I was like I CAN DO THIS. No, no I could not. My piercer double-checked everything, autoclaved it and it was completely fine.

I would say it’s going to depend on the piercer for sure, but it may not be a total loss.